Pure Therapy

Pure therapies are an original method of purifying Pola in contact with Soul with the support of the families, which was started and is propagated by Catherine Hojan.

Pure therapies are a 7-day process of change and that's how long our work with you lasts.

Depending on the needs, the therapy can unblock the body and soul from traumas, the therapist can read the field of a given person and check what is wrong at the moment and introduce harmony with his actions. The important thing is that all operations are performed at a very high vibration – thanks to this, they are durable and effective, although the therapy is subtle and non-invasive.

At every step we operate from the level of the soul, without regressions, which bring confusion and cause fear to Your Soul.

Pure Soul therapy dedicated when you feel that:

  • you are not alone (demonic occurance)
  • someone feeds on your energy (energy vampires)
  • that you carry on your shoulders the burden of many generations - loads / curses
  • "Something is lying on the liver" - maybe this is a curse?
  • you do not get along, and life pours between your fingers - someone has cursed you
  • you feel lost in the body and incomprehensible sadness - maybe you have an energy loop
  • your plans are not fulfilling - get to know the plan of your Soul

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Pure Art therapy dedicated when you feel that:

  • You feel lost in the body and incomprehensible sadness
  • Your plans are not fulfilling
  • you do not know what to do with your life
  • we paint for you a painting / message from your Soul

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Pure Base therapy dedicated:

  • at work on the cause of disease, not symptoms
  • for all who need a change of belief and are ready to accept it.
  • for everyone to whom the body is showing a problem
  • for children (with permission and in the presence of a parent)
  • for older people

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Pure Akasha therapy dedicated when:

  • You are looking for answers to questions about your life
  • you want to consciously create the best future for yourself
  • You feel that you lack the goal and need support and guidance
  • you feel that you need change and you do not know how to move
  • You feel lost and empty
  • you want to free yourself from blockages and open yourself to a new, better life
  • you want to experience the extraordinary vibrations of Chronicles

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At the moment, there are 4 therapies that can be used, vary in the intensity of healing and the subject of activities:

Pure Soul is the strongest and deepest purifying therapy, here we remove demons and ancestral curses.

Pure Art is a lighter therapy used for smaller and less invasive healings. The effect of the therapy is an image that contains a message from your soul. The message changes with the change of the therapy participant.

Pure Base is a therapy that combines work with Rod Lines with wide access to your Soul.

Pure Akasha is Pure therapy combined with the reading of Akashic chronicles.

Therapy is a multi-stage process that lasts seven days in total.

The first day of therapy has the character of initiating changes, it is the time of deep purifications.

On this day the meeting can last from 30 minutes to an hour, although there are also 3-hour sessions.

Then we stay in daily contact for the next days, during which I clean the remaining elements that appeared after removing the deep on the first day.

Therapy is most often carried out at a distance using a convenient communicator, headphones and your safe and peaceful place.

The value of each treatment: PLN 1200