Opinions about Pure courses and therapies

Feedback on the Purity Course Level One

Feedback on the Purity Course Level One

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Opinions of Pure therapy participants

Bogusława Andrzejewska autorka książki Sposób na szczęśliwe życie

Catherine is Love and Light of Heat, a loving Being who knows how to heal various problems of the soul and body. I recommend from the heart. It is wise, good and effective

Bogusława A.

Kobieta opisuje swoje doświadczenia z bioenergoterapeutką Katarzyną Hojan i jej bioterapiami Pure

I thank you most beautifully for cutting off, cleansing and filling with the Light of Kasieńko, you are wonderful. I strongly recommend 🙂

Małgorzata M.

Trzydziestodwuletnia kobieta wypowiada się na temat bioenergoterapii Katarzyny Hojan i zaufania jakim ją obdarzyła

Kasia is a remedy for all evil. He will help, advise and give a great dose of love and understanding. Thank you for being, dear

Ewa L.

Kobieta opowiada o współpracy z bioterapeutką Katarzyną Hojan i bioenergoterapii Pure

A wonderful, beautiful page that helps a lot on the way to improving the self-consciousness of people. Thank you

Ilona M.

Długa opinia o bioenergoterapii Pure napisana przez kobietę, która przeszła zabieg bioterapii

Thanks to the fact that Kasia showed me the world of Vedic Art, I stopped being afraid to paint with paints.

I was convinced by the repeated words that Vedic does not have to please anyone, and only I feel that it helps me and that I just like it. And now it is, when I feel that it's time to paint something, I just do it. And by the way, you can screw in your partner in painting. Thank you Catherine

Beata P.

Trzydziestoletnia kobieta opsiuje doświadczenie z bioenergoterapią Pure i bioterapiami odczyniającymi uroki i zdejmującymi klątwy

A wonderful person! Catherine's positive energy works everywhere and at all. Her calm, warmth and smile make the world, even seen only in black and white colors, become colorful like the most beautiful rainbow 🙂

Katarzyna S.

Mlody mężczyzna opowiada o udziale w bioenergoterapii Pure Soul prowadzonej przez Katarzynę Hojan

Well, there are such beautiful souls in the world as Kasia and what they do sometimes is difficult to put in words. Magic, strength, energy, positive vibrations that can be felt even
from a distance of several hundred kilometers.

But to the point: even giving everything I had the impression that someone / something pulls me down and makes me uphill. I asked Kasia for help and she managed 😉

She cleaned up my "grandfathers" and showed me how much strength I have in me.

She repaired my soul and body - yes, my back ache stopped and I was depressed with all the pressure and negative emotions that I was unconsciously carrying somewhere in myself.
She dusted my wings and now I can fly on my own, enjoying every little thing that comes to me in my life.

Thank you, Beautiful Soul for everything you've done for me.

Marcin K.

Młoda kobieta opisuje swoje doświadczenia z bioterapią Pure i bioenergoterapeutką Katarzyną Hojan

Kasia. You have this power
Walking love. Wonderful couch. She helped me find my way and destiny
There are no words to describe how great a person is. Cases do not exist. Everything happens for something. Better than live better

Pola L.

Opinia o bioenergoterapii Pure Soul i jej wpływie na życie mężczyzny

I met Catherine about 11 years ago, and I waited six years with therapy. Finally, in August 2017 came a long-awaited moment.

I always knew that children are the mirror of their parents, only after the therapy I began to "see" what I saw every day, only now clearly, sharply. My son, in every free moment of fun, his tasks, runs up and loads my energy like a wireless toy, the battery level falls - he hugs, kisses, tells me how much he loves me and goes on and on.

I regained my peace.

I have learned to speak from scratch - I love, I have needs. I provide security to my family in a conscious way, being supportive for them, support, being a DAD, not a FATHER who, after a day of stressful work, returns, screams and goes to sleep.

I sincerely recommend Katherine to every man, father, person who wants to live the fullness of life consciously and with LOVE.


Kobieta opowiada swoją opinię o bioterapii Pure Soul i pracy z bioenergoterepeutką Katarzyną Hojan

Kasia is an angel walking on the ground, yes, I'm not exaggerating 🙂 is a beloved Good Soul who with his loving energy supports in healing our aspects in us, revealing itself in the form of fear or emotional pain, helps move forward when you get stuck and you are ready to go through the process.

But when you dare, how winging and illuminating us and our new way :). Sometimes, to enter the light you have to go through the darkness. With Kasia with her, with her guidance, care and protection, you can do it. And miracles happen :).

It can not be described in words, because the energy you get from Kasia is something intangible, something light, subtle, loved, something that permeates your soul taking away everything that no longer serves you :). A beautiful process, beautiful healing. Thank you, Kasia <3, although this word is not able to give away what I feel <3 <3. Namaste Houk

Kinga K

Młoda dziewczyna opisuje współpracę z bioenergoterapeutką Katarzyną Hojan oraz jej bioterapią Pure Soul

I have seen Kasia more than a year ago. Glimmer. Energy. I wanted to meet her. Together with Kasia Jeste. Calm and without tension, with mutual trust and openness. Time bends slightly. Words fall at the right time and in the right place. It is pleasant, and you want to return to pleasant feelings 🙂

Małgorzata S.

Młoda kobieta jest zadowolona z wzięcia udziału w bioterapii Pure Soul przeprowadzonej przez bioenergoterapeutkę Katarzynę Hojan

Indescribable was my journey into the unknown, which I went through thanks to my life, Kasia waved me with her magical hand before heading to the edge of the world of my soul.

I'm back.
The sun shines.

Thank you Kasia with all my heart.

Marta K.

Uśmiechnięta i młoda kobieta opowiada o doświadczeniach z bioenergoterapią Katarzyny Hojan, która pomogła jej w życiu

Kasia will help you. I know that in life important books reach our hands at the right time, so I also believe that the right Teacher appears when the student is ready.

I thank you for everything with all my heart!

Karolina J.

Kobieta opisuje swoje odczucia związane z bioterapeutką Katarzyną Hojan i jej bioenergoterapii Pure Soul

A great and amazing person 🙂 He has this power ... he would like to sing 🙂 Kasia is simply divine, warm, energetic, he says things are obvious, but if Kasia says it, we know that if we listen to it it will be like saying 🙂 Az wants to act ...

Ela K.

Trzydziestopięcioletnia kobieta opisuje swoje wrażenia spokoju ducha po zdjęciu klątwy przez bioenergoterapię Pure Soul

Thank you Kasia, that I could meet you on my way, it was an amazing experience.

My life was emptiness, I was ruled by something unknown so far by me, which caused me harm and disfigurement, but thanks to you I saw another cheerful, full of life world.

I experienced the peace of mind - you added wings to me, and listening to your angelic voice, everything that is bad is gone, and goodness remains. I now look at the world differently thanks to you and Konrad. You are a medicine for all evil, thank you for the positive energy that you gave me, thank you for care and support. It was and it is important to me. I greet and kiss you

Katarzyna U.

Przystojny mężczyzna jest zadowolony ze współpracy z bioenergoterapeutką Katarzyną Hojan i jej bioterapią Pure Soul

Kasia is an amazing and talented woman. I can boldly recommend it to everyone!

Bartosz T.

Mężczyzna z Wrocława dziękuję za udzielenie pomocy w ramach bioenergoterapii Pure Soul przeprowadzonej przez Katarzynę Hojan

I have no words to express what I have seen and what I felt.

Kasia, thank you very much.

I recommend to anyone who is looking for "exit", "door" or "road".

Piotr K.

Młoda dziewczyna opisuje swoje wrażenia po przejściu bioterapii, która odczyniła urok

Thank you for the magic and love that flows from you on the way to the light 🙂
Thank you for being here!!
I love ... I love ... I love ... 🙂

Joanna N.

Młoda uczennica Katarzyny Hojan opisuje naukę bioenergoterapii prowadzonej w ramach kursu świadomości przez Katarzynę Hojan

I had the pleasure to participate in the course run by Katarzyna and I wholeheartedly recommend this wonderful teacher to everyone.

Kinga J.

Kobieta opowiada o udziale w bioenergoterapii Katarzyny Hojan

Eh ... what would not write here and words will run out, you just have to meet her!

Dagmara W.