Do you know what stress accompanies the bride before marriage and on the day of the wedding?

Reportedly comparable to boxing fights.

When Karolina wrote to me, I felt something similar – horror, sadness and, at the same time, a desire to fight for my own peace.

But he is not fighting for peace. Tranquility flows from the heart.

So I opened the Caroline Field and cleaned up what was due.

“There are things in heaven and on earth that your philosophers have not dreamed of …”

We are happy to give out all wedding invitations. However, the closer we were to our most beautiful day, the harder it was.

In the end, I reached a state that I decided to seek help. I felt like an avalanche of despondency fought with the vastness of happiness in my soul.

I sent an email asking for help.

Catherine reacted immediately and started pure soul therapy.

The first question was: “What does your grandmother hate you for?” and it was like hitting a hammer.

I’ve always felt it, but it’s hard to accept. I have quite a good contact with my body, but the whole process was spectacular to me. Catherine made order in the women’s family. I was finally accepted and accepted to him. After therapy, for several days I felt the presence of someone else. There were unknown songs in my mind, and in the evenings when I closed my eyes I felt like on the platform of train station…

Catherine explained to me that the women of my family were taking care of me. The grandmother, on the other hand, turned away and headed for the abyss … Ultimately, everything went well. That day the blue color appeared often and was a sign from heaven for me that Catherine was watching.

Thanks to her I got to know beautiful stories of my family – like red-haired great-grandmothers. Thank you ???

If it’s about guests … our friends had a fantastic time, and those who were less friendly (like grandma) … well, they were powerless in their powerlessness, because Love won.

Catherine and Conrad are a wonderful couple, absolutely extraordinary people … I feel that they are closer to me than some family members ??? I would like to be able to repay. I invite you to Bydgoszcz for dinner (unlimited offer) ???K


The specific effect of my actions:

– a woman silenced for the whole period of wedding preparations.

– I took care of the bride on the whole wedding day, constantly silencing the stress so that she could enjoy her dream and fully survive this moment,

– I have hedged her against energy attacks,

  • a purified feminine family will long work and support the bride in her personal and spiritual development,

With all my heart, thank you for trust.

It is a gift for me to look at how a woman develops beautifully like a rose.

I’m happy <3


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