We go through life with a bag of experiences. Most often, we know which stones we throw into the bag. Sometimes we paint them in colorful mandalas, sometimes we give the river of time …
But at the bottom of the bag there are stones of repressed experiences.
Sometimes they are large and heavy, sometimes they are like pebbles to throw into the window, and sometimes they are rustling sand pouring into the hourglass of oblivion.

When something happens so traumatic that our brain can not understand it and accept it, it moves away the picture (I called it a stone) far away. Beyond memory. At the very bottom of the bag.
By lifting these experiences we get tired, they have a huge impact on us, and we do not know what they are and why certain things happen.
What exactly do I mean?
About situations when an adult enters the intimacy and purity zone of the child.
Someone will say that kissing grandma by grandma in sweet pink buttocks is pure joy … maybe.
That kissing children in the mouth is just a kiss … maybe
That undressing a 4 year old pants and underwear without asking, by the doctor, during the examination is a normal procedure … maybe.
That my grandfather’s dirty jokes are just words … maybe.
That … that … that … these situations in a child’s life can be many.
It is worth assuming that a child in the adult world is safe. But sometimes there are black sheep in the herd.
It’s worth being a vigilant carer.

It happens, however, that the guardian did not look after him and this happened in the child’s world.

Such a child as an adult may have specific disorders showing the buried problem:
– treating sexuality as a means to achieve the goal,
– low sense of value and assuming the role of a victim in relationships,
– phobias and sexual fetishes
– frigidity or sexual assault
– creating secrets and living in secret
– autoimmune, depression and obesity, often anorexia or bulimia
– stimulants on the border

In most cases, adult women who are unable to create a relationship on sound terms get to us.
There are also men with erectile dysfunction and incompetent building relationships and long-term relationships.
This entry is our observation of what people get to us and what we help them with.

We are not going back to the past to dig into the memory and traumatize the body again. We remove stones protecting the body.
We are clearing away casualties that destroy life from adults.
We give freedom.
If you have felt anxiety in your body when reading these words, maybe this topic is about you?
Without blaming, give yourself a chance for freedom – contact us.

Anonymously, painlessly with love for another human being, and online option
Katarzyna and TEAM PURITY

If you have questions, ask. Write to us under a post or in a private message.
If you want to share it with the world – share it, people like inspiration.
 Let them Light 

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