We have been doing it for over 2 years.
Due to the fact that it takes place in your space, you feel comfortable with your emotions. This therapy is often chosen by people for whom anonymity and personal intimacy is extremely important.
We do not ask about your name and what you do, we focus on the topic you are reporting to us.
In this therapy, we do not regress to a traumatic event, do not tell us details, do not scratch the wounds as during conventional therapies.
Everything is done for you stress-free and painless, and the only thing you have to do is breathe 

Case of Aleksandra:
I asked Catherine for help in a rather unobvious case. I asked to heal my pimples on my face. Although I’m over thirty, it was a big problem for me, I was ashamed of my face, covered up with a kilogram of makeup, I felt uncomfortable.
I will add that I’ve tried everything – from a dermatologist and medicines through various herbal remedies, extracts, creams, ointments. Pimples have always come back.
Catherine conducted one therapy with me on the phone:
she asked a few questions, explained and removed the cause of my problem. Everything lasted 30 minutes. Painless therapy.
More than a month has passed since that therapy, and for the first time in a very long time I am not ashamed to go out without make-up on the street. My skin returns to normal, acne scars heal, small skin wounds.
I do not spend a lot of money on drugs that did not bring results.
Thank you so much for this miracle.
Once again, I am convinced that energy really knows no limits or kilometers. Thank you, thank you very much Catherine  Aleksandra

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Therapy is:
Telephone conversation during which time
– I make a diagnosis by opening your energy-information field
– I am doing a painless procedure for you. There are emotions, tears and the weight you’ve been carrying for many years is clearing up.
– you get a Soul Reading (for examples, see Notes on our fp). He is a description of the situations experienced and vividly shows the changing events. It is often a hint for the future flowing straight from the Soul.
– for the next 7 days we are in contact and we analyze what is happening on a current basis, if there is such a need, I clean up what appeared during the changes.
If you are wondering if your subject qualifies for therapy, write to us.


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