Pure Sound Therapy

Together with Katarzyna, we begin a cycle of sound and word meditation. Hanga sounds echo in the background of Catherine’s therapeutic words. They are a musical instrument and word meditation. Together they form Pure Sound.

In the silence and tranquility of your space, we will give you what we love. The sound of the hanga 432 hz on which Konrad plays and … the healing – soothing voice of Katarzyna, filling with calm, rising and awakening LOVE.

It is a voice that will raise your vibrations and open you to yourself and the natural state you carry inside – PEACE AND HARMONY.

It’s the state of your inner TALK.

Thanks to the impact of the vibrations of Katarzyna’s voice, you will go down to this place in You, where everything is PEACE.

The first concert begins with a series of meetings. Today we will show you how the BREATH does and what POWER you carry in yourself … We invite You from the heart, join us and be here with us today.

There will come times when the disease will not be determined in the same way as doctors and psychologists do today, but a sick man will be said in the words of musicians, like the unrolled piano

Rudolf Steiner

music therapy bioenergoterapia pure sound for sound healing

In the holistic view of our world, one should look at our entire environment. Also to the sounds that surround us. Have you noticed that listening to most of the songs, eg on the radio, music is booming, loud, aggressive and (at least me) pricks in the head. What you hear is songs tuned at 440 Hz.

The 440 Hz frequency was introduced for the first time in the United States in 1917 at Rockefeller’s initiative, and then in 1939 England and Germany introduced the standardization of 440 Hz as ISO 16 for the tuning of all instruments.

Effect? Disarming a man.

Most people are made up of water. If we introduce a non-harmonic frequency into the water, chaos arises. At this moment, disturbing the natural memory of water, we negatively affect our body, organs, cells and DNA. Ultimately, this weakens our body.

The Pythagorean scale of 432 Hz was used much earlier. Many musicians propagate a return to the natural 432Hz scale. The 432 Hz outfit is quieter, but warmer, cleaner and milder, and harmonizes with our body.

All nature sounds have a frequency of 432 Hz. Singing birds, the sound of the sea, the sound of leaves on the trees. One Polish musician made an experiment in which he went with his guitar tuned at 440 Hz to the forest and began to play. After a while, the birds’ singing stopped and the musician felt that he was alone in the forest. The next day the musician went to the forest again, this time with the guitar tuned at 432 Hz. It surprised him very much when it turned out that the birdsong had not disappeared, and even in the course of playing it had the impression that the birds arrived.

The sound reaches our interior, to our cells. The cells tune to the frequency we send them. The natural frequency of sound causes that healthy cells are strengthened and the patients regenerate.

What is interesting in the case of cancer cells, certain frequencies can cause their disintegration and break. This fact was confirmed by research carried out in France in 1981. In the study at the University of Paris, cancer cells were observed. An increasing frequency of scale sounds from C 256 Hz to C 512 Hz was used. At 400 Hz to 480 Hz, cancer cells can not withstand intensity and changes in vibrations and explode after just a few minutes, with healthy cells remaining intact.

I recommend tuning to the frequency of 432 Hz and other natural Pythagorean frequencies. I’m attaching a file with the tried and tested relaxed music tuned at 432 Hz. Have a nice listening:

Download music tuned to 432 Hz

The mp3 file contains a frequency of 432 Hz. Click the button and download the file to your device:

Download mp3

Pure Sound in therapy

Bioenergotherapy is used in music therapy and sound treatment

Pure Sound is a new type of Pure therapy that uses sound for healing. For this purpose, we use a special instrument – Hang, whose sound has been specially connected to the natural frequency of 432 Hz. The sounds played by the therapist harmonize the human body and soul. In addition, the therapist in the background performs healing activities combining therapy with music therapy.

Live music therapy is a great way to heal bioenergotherapy at a distance

Weekly live broadcasts

Konrad and Katarzyna will be broadcasting a short live concert every week. A few minutes of play with the intention of the highest good of people listening, relaxation, relaxation and tranquility.

Bioenergotherapy is an effective method of healing in music therapy and Pure Sound therapy

Sound therapies

Hang, dressed up to 432Hz frequency, compensates for natural vibration in a human being. In combination with the Pure Katarzyna Hojan method, we get a new therapeutic method with the use of music.

Music therapy uses Pure Sound bioenergy for healing using sound

Recorded CD

Specially for you we will be recording selected songs that will create an independent album. The songs recorded for the highest good of the listeners will be calming, relaxing, healing and cleansing.