PURE SOUL came to me when I worked with myself.
Whatever we call the place from which I got the answer, she came.
My Soul answered questions how to work.
She guided me step by step. Pictures and translation of individual steps showed me.
This is my own and unique therapy.
Sample image of therapy

It is a multi-stage process, although it may take about 30 minutes when you open up and trust it, and longer therapies take place.
We can carry it out at a distance using a convenient messenger, headphones and your safe and peaceful place.

In the initial phase of the therapy we make contact – I carry out diagnostics and determine the subject of therapy. In this therapy I work with the subconscious, introducing you to a delicate state of relaxation.
For cleaning, I use the sound of a special bell, harmonizing changes in body and soul. After the treatment, please rest for a few minutes.
We are in daily contact for seven days after treatment.

I do therapy at a distance with sensational effects,details – CLICK

Pure Soul method vol 1

Aggression that leads to isolation and social loneliness can be the result of energy disturbances on deep layers of different substrates. Although people often undergo conventional treatments, these therapies do not help. Long-term wounds do not support recovery but the therapist’s interest. Aggression can have several causes: – traumas from the previous incarnations that the Soul chose to work at this stage – energetic, demonic attacks (common in children born with caesarean section), – deep wounds in the House, on both sides (male and female) It’s worth to take care of it. See the problem. Declining can cause permanent emotional changes and disagreements with the soul. In our office we help to regain the peace of soul and body. Physically painless and relatively short time. Please contact us. Catherine and Conrad PS. We thank Jacob and Margaret wholeheartedly for letting us into their intimacy and agree to take part in this film. Love ones – thank you

Pure Soul method vol 2

Solitude is like isolation from the outside world. In order to avoid it, we decide to stay in groups of other similar people. We are looking for confirmation that we fit in with the rest that we are universal. How is it in reality?

We are UNIQUE. Each cell of our body is unique, our fingerprints are unique in itself. We were created as a miracle and only when we realize our wonderfulness we do not need the acceptance of others to be happy.

The moment we find the way to our interior we focus on ourselves – on our own truths. We learn to grow and bloom like an independent rose.

We reject being an ivy – after all we do not have to climb! Subconsciously we strive to be a unique person. Listen to this voice. The movie is an authentic case of Pure Soul. She ran through life looking for herself in a group. Searching for Acceptance, Understanding. She worked very hard to drown the emptiness within herself.

If they were acquaintances they were short and were shallow. During the Pure Soul Process, I removed the lock on the individual planes of the Field. I cleaned up the old patterns and patterns that the young person was filled with – and in this place she would build her own life.

I opened the Awareness, which was also a consequence of our earlier actions. I filled her soul and body with calm.

Her vibrations have automatically risen – hence the resignation from eating meat, increased sensibility and perception of truth in the other person. The female begins her second life – we will be together, because this therapy requires longer support. Today I see a tremendous change in her life, body and mind.

I thank you with all my heart for agreeing to show your path

I am thankful ❤ Thank you ❤ We invite you to ask questions in private messages. If you want to change your life – welcome to Pure Soul Process.

If you want a unique film about yourself, we will also meet your need.

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