Pure Art Therapy

Pure Art therapy is another gift that I obtained as a message from the crystal space, with which I combine on higher vibrations. Some call them Akashic Records.

For me it’s Home.

My soul answered the questions of how to work with people to make them happy.

She guided me step by step. The visions were colorful and legible. Hand systems on the body so natural and opening to remove from the palpable layers of blockage and fill the body with Light.

And when you are in a state of relaxation, I receive the shine that appears when I reach for the paint.

Improbable and delightful impression of a clear message. Trans when I paint with my eyes closed, without thinking … and miracles happen on the canvas.

The image that arises is the message of your soul that I receive during therapy.

The image carries the vibration of change and works for long, long after the therapy.

For whom

PURE ART therapy is a therapeutic tool helping in anxiety states and auto-aggression diseases, healing, depression, low-value feelings, disturbances in self-perception in human relations (role of the victim, role of the servant, role of executioner) in purifying traumatic childhood experiences, in purifying feelings after rapes, assaults, finding love, friendship, contact with parents, contact with children.

It is a multi-stage process, sometimes it lasts 30 minutes, although 3 hours of therapies have also occurred.

It is only done with personal contact with you.

In the initial phase of the therapy, we establish contact – we carry out diagnostics and determine the subject of therapy. We let our energies get to know and tame with each other.

Then I work with your body, gently squeezing therapeutic points, and opening yourself to images / messages appearing from your subconscious.

They are signals for me, the carrier of the real reason for the disorders with which he came to me.

They indicate what should be healed of everything that is a blockade, I make contact with Your Soul.

Most often now you are descending into the space of the unconscious (alpha state) and you are in it until you stand alone in your strength.

In the last step of the therapy, I paint a picture for you, which is information from Pola and the needs in it.

The image most often evokes strong emotions in the recipients.

Although there are no named shapes on the canvas, the viewer finds himself and his solutions in a surprising way.

The picture is a gift for you.

For six days after therapy, we are in daily contact to cleanse and heal what is released in the process.

Yes, PURE ART lasts 7 days! You have been in the process of change for so long, which I lead for you.

The whole process you can see on the film:

Her mentors Małgorzata Bała and Katarzyna Hojan talk about the therapy itself in the cycle of films entitled

Let’s talk about Pure Art

Opinions of participants of the Pure Art therapy

Uczestniczka kurs bioenergoterapii pierwszego stopnia opisuje swoje wrażenia po kursie i jej stan samoświadomości

Therapy opened my eyes to many important things in life that I had not noticed before.

She made me look at life in a different way. There is more peace and courage in me to act. That's what I asked before therapy for courage and lack of fear of the unknown.

I think that these changes are just the beginning of something we experience at our own pace. It's about growing and a sense of change for the better. It is important that we feel good in our own body. I feel this sense of heart and I would like to recommend Pure Art to everyone.

Ewelina R.

Ania opisuje swoją sytuację po kursie bioenergoterapii i samoświadomości prowadzonego przez Katarzynę Hojan

After Pure Art therapy, I felt light and strong as if I could move mountains ... And all the time I have it

I know that nothing is impossible for me. This month, I ran around 5 times. Earlier my knee pain prevented me. I like to run in the forest and walk with my thoughts in nature. These are my first runs after 22 years of non-running! I have power. My Pure Art paintings are with me, this is the Warrior and color phoenix.

Agnieszka L.

Rozmowa z Agnieszką L.

Ania describes her situation after the course of bioenergotherapy and self-awareness conducted by Katarzyna Hojan

How did you feel right after Pure Art therapy?

After the Pure Art therapy, I felt lighter, as if I removed the weight that made my journey difficult.

How do you feel now?

Now I feel very good. I understand myself better, which allows me to set goals and cope with the limitations.

What has changed in your life during this time?

I’ve learned to accept myself as I am. It’s releasing. It gives freedom in action and a sense of accomplishment.

Do you feel that the changes are permanent?

Yes, changes are permanent. However, you need to maintain and maintain contact with each other.

How do you get your picture and how did you work with it?

I receive my image positively. Its colors are calming. I did not have it with me for some time. He is with me now, I see something new in him every day.

Who would you recommend Pure Art sessions to?

I could recommend Pure Art Sessions to people who have lost faith in themselves. They gave their creative, miraculous energy and it is hard for them to regain it.

Interview with Ewelina R.

Participant of the first degree bioenergotherapy course describes their impressions after the course and its state of self-awareness

How did you feel before the therapy?

Before the therapy I was less confident and had difficulties in making decisions. I was afraid to risk myself. Now it’s past, I’m going with the flow and nothing will stop me. I also had a big problem in contact with my mother, I could not understand why our relationships are not as close as they should be.

How did you feel right after Pure Art therapy?

Immediately after the therapy and even during the course I was mega-laid back and confident. As if the weight that overwhelmed me was removed from me.

How much time has passed since your therapy session?

It’s already been six months and I can say that the changes are for the better.

How do you feel now?

I’m developing and I’m bolder. When I decide something, I try it many times, as if not through the window, until it is effective. Before that, I was giving up sooner. Now I trust in fate and myself.

What has changed in your life during this time?

I have always felt that I have some blockages through the way my mother raised me and the therapy changed it. Now I do not mind how I was brought up. She respects that Mama gave as much as she could.

How do you get your picture and how did you work with it?

My painting is in the studio, it’s just there, I stay in its immediate surroundings often.

Can you recommend Pure Art sessions?

Pure Art sessions I recommend to all who have something in themselves, which they do not understand and that bothers them. They feel that they are not in a place where they could be and they are ready for a change.

I recommend Therapy in 100%

Interview with Małgorzatą D.

Participant of the first degree bioenergotherapy course describes their impressions after the course and its state of self-awareness

I heartily recommend a Pure Art session to anyone who lives in grief or addiction to someone if you feel that your life is incomplete. If it seems to you that life is a vegetation, now is what you can use Pure Art session. Life has so many colors that it is necessary to see and experience it 🙂 I am grateful for this change and that I could share this experience with you.

How did you feel before the therapy?

Before the therapy, I felt like life is overwhelming me, I thought that many things were my fault, I lacked self-confidence. I was also afraid to say what I think for fear of criticism.

How did you feel right after Pure Art therapy?

Immediately after the therapy, I felt as if I had shed a terrible burden. I gained confidence from day to day, old problems were losing strength. In a short time there were serious changes in work and in private life, which were caused by the fact that finally I said what I think.

How much time has passed since your therapy session?

13 months.

How do you feel now?

Over this year, my perception of the world has changed: I think positively and it attracts only good to me. I also know that I am not guilty of anything and only when I am happy I can share this happiness with others. My sense of the beauty of this world has grown – I appreciate the tiny wonders of everyday life.

What has changed in your life during this time?

Contacts with people who are negatively oriented to life have been completely and painlessly broken. I did a lot of things for myself – as I wanted, and not as it used to be – as my family, my surroundings, expected from me.

Are changes permanent?

Yes. I never went back to the point where I was applying for therapy. But after some time there are more issues to overwork, but then we know how the session helped us and we can see the sense of working on ourselves.

How do you get your picture and how did you work with it?

At first I was skeptical about him, but later I liked him because he was in my favorite tone, which the therapist learned only after painting. I hanged the painting over the table, so I spent a lot with him on a daily basis.

Do you want to take part in therapy?

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Value of a 7 day Pure Art therapy (with image)

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