Pure Art came to me when I was working with myself.
Whatever we call the place from which I got the answer, she came.
My Soul answered questions how to work.
She guided me step by step. Pictures and translation of individual steps showed me.
This is my own and unique therapy.

It is a multi-stage process, sometimes it lasts 30 minutes, although 3 hours of therapies have also occurred.
I only do it with personal contact with you.

In the initial phase of the therapy we make contact – I carry out diagnostics and determine the subject of therapy.
Then I work with your body, gently squeezing therapeutic points, and opening yourself to images / messages appearing from your subconscious.
They are signals for me, which is the real reason for the disorders which the interested party reported to me.

With the lead, I purify your field from everything that is blockade and establish contact with your Soul.
In the last step of the therapy, I paint a picture that is the image of Pola and the needs of her being retained.
The image most often evokes strong emotions in the recipients. Although there are no named shapes on the canvas, the viewer finds himself and his solutions in a surprising way.
The picture is a gift for you.
We are in daily contact for seven days after treatment.

The whole process you can see on the film:


Sample image of therapy PURE ART


Image releasing A field with fears and connecting the heart with the soul.

It is an image of one of my personal therapies – I have been cleansing previous incarnations from the codes of excessive power of masculinity.

Now, while describing this image, a picture appeared in my image – a figure of the King, a strong man releasing a woman from an oath.

Giving freedom about self-determination.

I missed it in my body.

I feel gratitude and lightness in my body – let everything happen for my highest good.

The contemplation of the painting opens the spaces of the subconscious and frees from the dominance of male energy over a person.

It is also ideal for a man to equalize energy potential in the field and become aware of the female element.

The image was created as the final step of the PURE ART therapy.

The image is for sale – contact by message on the site.

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