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Painting from the subconscious

Recently, I was asked if painting from the subconscious should “learn”?

It all depends on our approach.

After all, you can smoke a cigarette and under its influence, spill paint on the canvas, saying that it is a herd of magpies.

You can. Who will anyone forbid?

You can also pour the mixmedia mass onto the canvas and have an intuitive image. You can, because who can not let anyone?

You can squeeze half a tube of paint and smudge eighths – this is also sometimes called intuitive paintings … for whoever forbids anyone.

Everyone has the right to their own way of creation – I have seen pictures painted with menstrual blood and other body fluids.

Whoever likes it plays the game.

But it is worth to be aware that no matter how “known name” paints the picture, calling it an intuitive / subconscious picture, it does not mean that the picture had a connection with the subconscious.

There are failures.

I prefer to call it the fact that the picture is empty and without a message.

We look at such a picture and we feel that it is dead, that it is not “talking ” to us.

Often, however, when the author is a “known name” we are afraid to say about it – because how can you undermine the authority ?!

Well, you can.

Once the child shouted:

– the king is naked!

Whether we dare, I will leave each of us to decide.

How is it with these paintings?

It’s not about painting that’s about painting. The image is really the least significant effect, ending the connection with its own Soul.

In these paintings, you can give up beauty and refinement – although it is so difficult! Cute paintings sell better, because people like nice and sweet stories.

I think it’s worth painting such works! The world needs beauty and sweetness. A lot of beauty and sweetness.

But why do you immediately call them images from the subconscious?

Because it’s fashionable and sells.

The image from the subconscious has the right to be rough and look like a bleeding wound – these are pictures of self-therapy, and many of us carry pain and suffering in the Soul. If we paint authentically, this is how it is most often. Only if you have a real connection with the Soul can you stand in truth and paint yourself naked of the ego.

Yes I know what I am going to hear – there are no more wounds in me!

I do not know of any person who has nothing to heal, release and love. If someone says that he is a pure Light in the dark, he … confabulates. Or do not want to admit to fear of myself.

So how to paint such a picture?

  • in total silence (and I’m not just concerned about the silence around) where your Soul will tell you what is the most important right now. Sometimes you hear one word. Sometimes you will see a memory from the past with your eyelids … and there will be emotions like flowers in a meadow of memories …
  • and sometimes nothing will appear and then it is worth going swimming
  • honestly, with each other so much that when you finish painting you’ll be tears and obscured.
  • without thinking – it introduces chaos into the harmony contained in the picture. As soon as the thought appears: but how is green with pink (!) – it means that the end of painting.
  • without assessing and comparing – it turns out to be the most difficult, because so many of us want to adapt to a group of recipients. And how would it, for once in a lifetime, do something for yourself and paint a picture flowing from the Soul.
  • most importantly – you must have a connection with your Soul. How beautiful it will be in the world when all those who say that they are painting from the subconscious will eventually start doing it … my dream <3

Where can you learn such painting? Is it enough for yourself?

Look! The Internet is full of offers – when you are ready, the best teacher for you will “find yourself”. Because each of us gets what is meant for him. I know two schools myself.

One teaches bans – through closed keys and rules.

The second one teaches us with openness – understanding and self-love.

For everyone leads a different path – one will prefer a stick, the other carrot.

However, it is worth having a teacher on the road – he will guide, look after and show what to look for and what to run away from.

And when you enter into a deep purification process, you can count on its support.

Answering the title question: do you have to learn from the subconscious – I think so.

If we want our images to help us and capture the recipients’ hearts and show them the way – it’s worth it! With love for yourself, it’s worth <3

art therapy heart picture from the subconscious

He Art on canvas

And I am coming down to be reborn again

He Art or Healing Images

All the paintings in this gallery were created during the total silencing of the brain, entering the superconscious state. They are messages from Light. And how strange it sounds, that’s how it is.

In these paintings the most important is how you perceive them, because you are their co-author.

Every day we stand together at the painting, I paint it anew, and you watch every day a different story that appears.

What is so amazing and surprising in them?

Contemplating them every day in your safe space, you open the door to heal yourself.

Each of us has a secret. Sometimes it’s childhood experiences. There are also experiences from adolescence, trauma. We also stand before history from previous lives that we do not understand.

There are also situations, so difficult that we do not have the strength to say it out loud.

Then the solution is to work with the energy of the image.

An image without judgment or criticism will cleanse what you hide.


The energy that is in it.

An energy that will teach you to love yourself and forgive.

If you have questions, ask. I am at your disposal here – when you write a message, as well as on FB: https://www.facebook.com/hoyan.purityofenergyandart/

There are no stupid questions, there are unanswered questions – I am for you.

How do you choose an image for yourself?

step one: close your eyes and induce in yourself the intent of receiving for yourself everything that is at the moment most important for the development of your soul, purification of life’s path, removal of trauma on specific topics. If you do not know how to form an intention, write to us – we will help you.

second step: turn off thinking and calmly look at the gallery with pictures

choose the one that resonates with you – it will give you reinforcement

or the one you run from – it’s a therapeutic picture. The work will be at the root of the topic and the effects will amaze you.

Many Pure images are created as the final step of Pure Art therapy.

step three: write to us to arrange the details of the picture shipment.

Many also arise as therapeutic images of Pure Art – as I mentioned, they are painted by me from the superconscious, from Pola Energii.

Everyone carries the power of change energy.

sample image:


Image releasing A field with fears and connecting the heart with the soul.

It is an image of one of my personal therapies – I have been cleansing myself of previous incarnations from the codes of excessive power of masculinity.

Now, while describing this image, a picture appeared in my image – a figure of the King, a strong man releasing a woman from an oath. Giving freedom about self-determination.

I missed it in my body.

I feel gratitude and lightness in my body – let everything happen for my highest good.

The contemplation of the painting opens up the spaces of the subconscious and frees from the dominance of male energy over a person. It is also ideal for a man to equalize energy potential in the field and to become aware of the female element.

The image was created as the final step of PURE ART therapy.

The image is for sale – contact by message on the site.

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