Everything is perfect when everything works in this topic. What if not?

Trouble in men’s topics happens at any age. Sometimes the disorder grows, sometimes it comes as a surprise – but it always surprises the man at the worst possible moment!
I am not a man but from the insight I have in this topic I see that every sexual act is like a small test. Will everything stand at the right height? Will not fail. For men, sexual act is such an intangible trophy.

I would love to make every man reading these words always work – how many happy people would be in the world! In the relationship of two people, a successful sex life is the foundation from which the relationship begins to break up.

In all of this, honesty and conversation are needed – but this is the last topic the man wants to talk about.

And I’m not surprised. I understand that.

So how to deal with it?

Conventional doctor? Most of you do not allow such a thought.
What am I suggesting?

Above all, ANONYMOUS. But I expect sincerity for it, painful. Because only truth and honesty in the relationship of the mentor-therapist is able to find the real reason for disability and disorder.

What reasons can occur when a man is blocking erectile dysfunction:

– anger at the passing of time and that “everything that you wanted did not get done”. Although the frustration of everyday life has a huge impact on sex life. The man has the code of planting a tree, building a house, and begging a son. It is worth to lean on it and remove it, because it happens that erectile dysfunction occurs.

– lack of acceptance of your sexual preferences, hiding the needs and preferences resulting from the lack of communication with your partner / partner is also a reason for erectile dysfunction. Often in such a situation there is so much resistance to change and honest conversation that the man attacks himself, because in his subconscious a bridge is made – I will not say that I like it differently, because he laughed at me, so I will get sick and will not have to. We deal with it!

– lack of self-acceptance, own sexual orientation – fear of discovering this in front of the family often takes away the possibility of erection, even if you feel like it. We deal with this – we will not change the orientation, because it’s like eye color but we have ways to accept it. Everything takes place calmly and without pressure on the person under the charge.

– no erection for no reason – a frequent disorder in young men – here the reason may be energy castration by mother or father. The father, to eliminate the potential male in the herd, treats the son like a child. His son’s vision most often stops around the boy’s 8-year-old, that is during the first night of the night. Mother castrate her son most often during her own life trauma (illness, divorce, job loss). This seems absurd, but the mothers want to stop the development of her sons so that he “never left me” to “do not hurt another woman when I was hurt” because “after all is such a sweet boy”, „mommy’s son”.

– lack of erection in mature men often appears together with … a lover. A little bored with the same woman looking for new incentives, and here … lime. Why – a sense of guilt, fear of revealing betrayal, fear of mocking or, worse, laughing at the young partner. I do not judge it and purify it.

– mega polygamy is a very complex phenomenon. First of all, a man with more than one partner has the idea that “he is loaded with young blood” – in terms of energy, truth is the opposit. A disturbed balance causes blockages in the body. With even the best logistics, the equipment may someday refuse. Secondly, gentlemen, there is nothing more threatening than a woman who has been betrayed, and if you have more women … what an energy of anger and blood lust! Such are the curses that we clean in rubber gloves.

What reasons can occur when a man is affected by blockade / disease

– anger at son that he “does not want to prolong his family” because he chose “not such a partner” – because he is a different orientation, because he made the decision that he does not want children – it happens sometimes that a prostate appears.

– occurring most often around the age of 50 men blockade also leading to prostate – no control over everything – children are already independent, live their own lives (often contrary to expectations), his woman discovers the second youth since the nest has emptied and goes crazy, at work is no longer a young wolf … It can also be cleaned.

– betrayal by a partner / partner – a thick subject leading to the mass of disorders, but we give advice.

What can I not solve?

On physical conditions – length, thickness, although they say that the unused organ is lost and the practitioner is growing.

I know this is a controversial topic and our approach to it is a bit avant-garde. It is what it is, it is important that we have the effects of therapy, and the man does not have to stuff with blue chemistry.

It is important to be honest with yourself, trust me and enjoy your masculinity.
Men, you are wonderful, as you are.

* words in quotes are authentic codes that we meet during therapy

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