In the initial phase of the Pure Soul therapy we make contact – I carry out diagnostics and determine the subject of therapy. In this therapy, I work with the subconscious, introducing you to a delicate state of relaxation.

For cleaning, I use the sound of a special bell, harmonizing changes in body and soul. After the treatment, please rest for a few minutes.
We are in daily contact for seven days after treatment.

I conduct this therapy at a distance with sensational results.

We do not ask about your name and what you do, we focus on the topic you are reporting to us.

In this therapy, we do not regress to a traumatic event, do not tell us details, do not scratch the wounds as during conventional therapies.
Everything is done for you stress-free and painless, and the only thing you have to do is breathe ❤

Therapy is:
Telephone conversation during which time
– I make a diagnosis by opening your energy-information field
– I am doing a painless procedure for you. There are emotions, tears and the weight you’ve been carrying for many years is clearing up.
– you get a Soul Reading (for examples, see Notes on our fp). He is a description of the situations experienced and vividly shows the changing events. It is often a hint for the future flowing straight from the Soul.
– for the next 7 days we are in contact and we analyze what is happening on a current basis, if there is such a need, I clean up what appeared during the changes.

By doing readings in the Akashic Chronicles, we combine them with the Pure Lineage and Pure Blood methods.
Which means that during the session, in addition to transmissions and answers to questions, we remove blockades, codes that do not support beliefs. We clean family lines and everything that made your conscious life in happiness and health difficult. This combination of Akashic Chronicles and Pure Therapy.

Pure Akasha

Thanks to this you get a unique therapeutic system.
The session can be carried out at a distance from Facebook’s preferred messenger (and headphones). You are in your safe and peaceful place.
Before the session, it is worth preparing a list of questions and topics on which you want to lean and get answers.

Reading with Pure Akasha therapy takes about 1 hour.

It is a multi-stage process, sometimes it lasts 30 minutes, although 3-hour therapies have also occurred.
We only do it with personal contact with you.

In the initial phase of the Pure Art therapy we make contact – I carry out diagnostics and determine the subject of therapy.

Then I work with your body, gently squeezing therapeutic points, and opening yourself to images / messages appearing from your subconscious.

They are signals for me, which is the real reason for the disorders which the interested party reported to me.

With the lead, I purify your field from everything that is blockade and make contact with your Soul.
In the last step of the therapy, I paint a picture that is the image of Pola and the needs of her being retained.
The image most often evokes strong emotions in the recipients. Although there are no named shapes on the canvas, the viewer finds himself and his solutions in a surprising way.

The picture is a gift for you.

We are in daily contact for seven days after treatment.