Pure Incense Herbs

Bioenergotherapy uses Pure cleansing herbs in the Pure Soul and Art biotherapies

In the Sahara desert in Tunisia, in the Filipino houses of bamboo and in the Masurian cottage, women use incenses. I learned how to light a fire, I learned herbs – how to collect them, how to dry and how to compose incense.

I walked among the plants, talking with them, thanking them and asking what they would help me with. This is a beautiful lesson, although I had dangerous situations with plants unknown to me when I put in trust in them, I made oil macerats and they turned out to be dangerous to such an extent that the dosage is counted in drops – I gave oil to the whole island.

Well, I always have Teachers <3

I became fascinated with resins from these countries. They charmed me with their smoky incense and properties.

Pistachio mastic from Tunisia, harvested at sunrise.

Elemi from a woman with a child’s face.

Tears of trees, for centuries collected in silence and due respect, usually by mature women “knowing”.

Biotherapies use herbs to clean the human field

Two years ago in Bory Tucholskie I collected resin from pines and swallowed me a forest for two hours – I woke up with my hands full of white resin, which has accompanied me to this day and was unusual for my Teachers in the Philippines.

Inscence is one of the purification forms used in Pure bioenergy applications

Burning accompanies man from the birth of birth throughout his life until the feast of death.
Everyone can be incensed even though there are people who have a special gift for it.

In the Philippines, smoke drips all day before the houses. The more wet the day, the smoke dances lower. He slips his legs down into the skirt. Do not let them fool you, it’s rubbish. It is a conscious act of women who know – this cleanses the house and protects against disease, evil of the road, a crooked eye and a bad word.

Why foraging in herbs in the modern world?

For the same reasons – protection against invisible activities of evil, which uncleaned bring home quarrels, anger, diseases, infertility, poverty, hostility in the House.

Sometimes it is a jealousy of a jealous neighbor (though there may be a colleague from work … etc.). Sometimes the soul does not go to the Light in time.

Thoughtfully and with humility I recommend to bend over herbs, love to strike fire and combine these beautiful ingredients into smoke purity.

Inscence is one of the purification forms used in Pure bioenergy applications

Let your intentions be always clean and free of selfishness. The wonderful and all-encompassing saying is:
I clean myself (… room, car, etc …) from everything invisible to my and all those interested in the highest good.

We prepared four basic mixes with Alexandra.

Let your intentions be always clean and free of selfishness. The wonderful and all-encompassing saying is:
I clean myself (… room, car, etc …) from everything invisible to my and all those interested in the highest good.

We made it in high vibrations, singing and connecting the visible with the invisible. Using the knowledge of many women of all the places we visit, over time and space.

It’s such a “first help” at home and in life.

The most important and from him always it is worth to start incense:

Pure Inscence Purify

Pure Inscence Purify – cleansing mixture.

In the composition we combined herbs from Poland, Greece, Tunisia and one of the Philippines, we added Indian Boswellia. The mixture purifies visible and invisible.

After cleaning yourself, your intentions and the room, you can start working on specific topics:

Pure Inscence Love

Pure Inscence Love – is a love mix.

We combined flowers, aphrodisiacs and leaves from many regions of the world, we added Boswellia and Olibanum

We start asking for love for ourselves, to love and open ourselves to the acceptance of pure love – to blossom like a flower …

Pure Inscence Prosperity

Pure Inscence Prosperity – a blend of well-being created with golden hands … Herbs mixed with gold and minerals will open you to accept wealth.

For you deserve the best.

Remember humbleness and thankfulness.

Pure Inscence Inner Calm

Pure Inscence Inner Calm – the calm of the interior, the smoke of this mixture will open you to the connection, understanding and clear contact with Your Soul. It will bring harmony to the body, soul and mind for your highest good and understanding of incoming knowledge.

Mixtures can be combined, but we always start with cleaning.

All these mixtures can be used by a layman as well as an experienced person.

One more incense is available.

Due to the raw materials from which it was created and its causative power is intended only for very experienced people and after talking with me.

pure inscence herbs for purification and incense

The compositions of individual herbs have been composed like perfumes.

You probably know that when they are created, the perfumer sets three main fragrance bases / lines with the appropriate length of the scent leakage.

Pure Incense allow you to clean the room of unwanted thoughts and cursing

A line of the head to enchant the mind with a fragrance for thirsty sensations.
Heart line, by
– open the door to the road to yourself
– remove fears, Pure Inscence Purify,
– light a fire of lust, Pure Inscence Love,
– feel the splendor of prosperity, Pure Inscence Prosperity
The base / depth line is the gateway to your Soul Pure Inscence Inner Calm supports this wonderful process.

Everything is arranged in fragrance notes adequate to the intentions with which they arose.

In our incense compositions, the smell is secondary and we are aware of the power of herbs to waste only on filling the apartment with a fragrance.
Although undoubtedly a pleasant fragrance that persists in the home, it is a “side effect” of firing blends.

Lack of randomness and targeted action is their secret.

How do we create them?
With love and love
With love for people, with respect for the needs of the body, the soul.

Pure Inscence is a mixture of herbs for cleaning rooms

To support the processes our customers carry on themselves:
cleaning rooms with invisible energy structures.
– cleansing after a serious illness and death
– cleansing of curses on property (often from envy and jealousy)
– cleaning the body of energy blocks,
– human energy fields from non-physical curses and nodes.

Pure herbs cleanse the space between people

The energy of smoldering herbs rises intentions and purifies the promptings of the ego. What is to happen is supported by the sanctity of nature.

It is a great and clean procedure … to entrust to smoke taking pictures that appear.
Intentional herbs in their votive nature contain special plants, flowers, gold flakes – again depending on intentions.

Therefore, it is important for safety to first clarify the cleansing mixture. First, clean the room and yourself, and only when the three-fourths of the herbs are burned add a thematic mix.

Bioenergotherapy uses Pure herbs to cleanse human beings of curses and charms

Speak good intentions whispering in humility and trust.
And open the heart for a change and receive messages from the soul.
Let holy smoke wander in the name of the highest good, purifying us and filling us with the wisdom flowing from Nature, the love of plants and messages from the Soul.

You need to be aware of what the incineration is.
This therapeutic treatment has been practiced since the first bonfire was lit and a handful of bushes (herbs) thrown into it by accident. Man quickly learned that certain plants bring him relief in respiratory ailments, something soothes his fear of mammoths, and the other helps heal.

Working with herbal smoke also served to summon family spirits for deep trance.

We have been losing around us since then. Today it is closer to aromatherapy and very effective in action even in the case of serious disturbances in energy, the so-called diseases.

Each plant has its mission to fulfill, something cleanses, fixes something, releases it – it’s strong processes and it’s worth having this awareness by firing herbs and inhaling their smoke.

Therefore, the selection of herbs and additives we use for smearing should be careful and thoughtful.

From the moment of harvesting herbs (choosing energy-clean and environmentally-friendly places), by properly drying them and storing and composing the mixture for themselves.

Beautiful photos from grandma’s kitchen hung with tufts of herbs is a charming myth – such herbs absorb all the fragrances, escape from them essential oils and lose their therapeutic properties.

If knowledge is lacking, independent practices can be a threat to life and health.

With love
Catherine Hojan

Pure herbs clean the rooms and people