Heal yourself

What is disease?

EVERY disease is the result of what we previously buried in ourselves. Any and always! Whatever it is you are a doctor. Chemistry (medicine) will not help if in you there will be no space for forgiveness, love for a hurt being and for fulfilling yourself with love. Simple. And how complicated. That’s how the body responds to stress, which we have accumulated in a difficult topic for us. What now? A lot of peace, forgiveness, love and purification. Are you interested in the lesson how to learn how to pass emotions over yourself?

In this section, we will describe how your soul sends signals to your body, to draw attention to topics in your life to solve them.


It appears at the moment of energetic irritation (often including mental stress) when the body receives critical information about itself. It does not matter if the information comes from outside (someone criticizes us) or from inside (we criticize ourselves).

Criticism from the inside most often concerns what we do not agree with:
– we do not want to say something
– we do not want to ask something,
– we are afraid to express our opinion / opinion,
– we are afraid that what we think about a given subject is harmful to us and our relatives and we prefer to choke words rather than to express them.
– whose attention we want to hold on to each other, coughing

All these behaviors happen in a flash like an electrical impulse. Therefore, it is worth pause and look at the topic that was in our thoughts at the moment of coughing. Perhaps we will not catch the topic the first time, but practicing, watching ourselves quickly we will learn to react.

We caught the subject, we know why coughing and what next?

It’s worth to talk to each other honestly. Answer the questions of “what you do not want to say” to yourself, your partner, at work, to children … Think about whether the subject really is worth escaping, what will happen if we say what we want to hide so carefully,

Being aware that revealing the truth to ourselves and others can heal us is half the battle. Now it is only left to tell us. Most often, it turns out that the topic which for us was enormous to the other side is like a poppy seed.

The truth that we fear and against which we run away is the cure for our soul and body.

We wish you health and breath of full freedom and truth. Return to top


When you think too much in your head, your body defends itself against them. I do not want to feel the emotions associated with the thoughts on a given topic. These emotions can be fear, anger, resentment, abandonment, harassment. When you allow these thoughts to flow through you, you take away the importance of the problem with which they were associated – the tension in the body dissolves and the runny nose disappears.

EVERY disease is the result of what we previously buried in ourselves. Any and always! Whatever it is you are a doctor. Chemistry (medicine) will not help if in you there will be no space for forgiveness, love for a hurt being and for fulfilling yourself with love. Simple. And how complicated. That’s how the body responds to stress, which we have accumulated in a difficult topic for us. What now? A lot of peace, forgiveness, love and purification. Return to top


It is the answer of our body to “too much” – tasks at work, external requirements, burdens at home, scandals, misunderstandings. All the situations we are fed up with and want to escape can become a stimulus for the appearance of influenza.

How does this mechanism work?

I once had an accountant. A young woman full of energy and a smile. Efficiently mobile, athletic. She was healthy for 11 months of the year. In the last month of filing tax returns, my accountant became ill.

First, the cold – (as you know from previous entries) did not want to feel – workload, time pressure, anger at taxpayers that everyone in the last month …

Then a fever – it’s accumulated anger for such a long-lasting “no way out” situation

Then cough – unspoken words of frustration. (I have already written about it)

When this situation is chronic or is very, very strong – we get sore throat, laryngitis – that is, the emergency lights are on. The entire flu syndrome “says” – your body needs a moment of respite, distance, rest. To gain strength to defend your own zone. To look at the topic from a perspective and transform it into yourself. To talk and clean up situations with people with whom we have a short circuit or we are afraid of talking.

Honesty of the conversation – asking questions and opening up to the answers and position of the other party is like a catharzis.

Honesty with each other too.

You will say that in the winter we get more sick because of atmospheric conditions, because in schools, germs, soaked in rain, and dreams of frost

For sure?
Observe yourself. How your body reacts. Return to top

Child and a disease

Before you review this article, go back in your memory.
Sit calm, lean your head against the wall and focus on your own breath. Breathe at your own pace – perfect for you.

Remind yourself how it was when you were a child. Recall yourself in your memories, see the place where you are. See if mom is far away from you. Look where dad is.
And now calmly feel your emotions related to these two people.
If for some reason these two people were not in your childhood, feel how you feel about it.

You may feel a blockage in your body right now – you may start coughing, sneezing or suddenly there will be tears, abdominal pain or involuntary fists.
The more it hurts the bigger the blockade and the feeling of rejection, loneliness, anger, sadness, fear …

Is it time to survive what you have buried in you today, put aside for later.
Blockade from childhood, she said now, showed you that there is something you did not want to feel, see or hear as a child.

The child’s energy system is closely related to parents. With both parents.
What the interior of the family looks like – that is mutual relations in this small ecosystem, it is perfectly reflected in the child’s health condition.

Most of these diseases indicate that the child does not understand and does not accept specific behaviors around him. Most often he can not or can not express it in words.

Do you use phrases in relation to your child:
– children and fish do not have voice
– what you can know
– do not ask, not asked
– your sentence does not mean anything,
– girls do not know anything about these matters,
or other voices that refuse to articulate their own opinions?

It happens that such words are a subconscious message that we got and we copy it without realizing the consequences.

What if the child is ill?

First of all, a lot depends on the age of the child.
If it is a child (without a nursery, kindergarten, school), the umbilical cord with the mother is short. It is worth then to lean on what is happening to my mother. Unspeakable emotions in her will certainly cause blockages in her child. It also happens that we treat our children subconsciously (!) Like peculiar shields from the world and taking their own responsibility for life, work, contact with the outside world, then their children get sick more often than their peers. This is evident from children sent eg to kindergarten – maternal stress with “adulthood” of a child blocks them and causes mass of illnesses.

When we are dealing with a child going out – it is worth talking to him about what was happening outside the home. Give him acceptance of his choices, be aware of his autonomy.

Why is the child sick?

Most often – because it needs our attention. Mum is bustling around, focused on him, sitting at night checking the temperature, cooking favorite meals, reading a book … who does not like it?
Watch your children, analyze what is happening in their lives and in your life. Learn the behavior of children, they are predictable and very logical.
When the child is in the afternoon, it comes to cuddle more than usual, talk to him. Even if she is a baby with a baby boy, it is worth hearing that he is loved and that his needs are important.

Attention trap!
Be aware that ALL are born with the manipulation syndrome of others – if you once managed to stop your mother at home and do not go to kindergarten, it means that this mechanism works and you can use it.

In my practice I had to deal with a girl who, on request, was able to induce vomiting and temperature if she was bored and the family did not pay attention to her.

When you notice such behavior in a child – you must immediately explain it to him. A clear and transparent message that we know about the mechanism of the disease, that life in the family requires the adaptation of the individual to the public. That it is loved, important but we are a herd, where everyone is equal.

If the child has the resistance to listen to these words during the day, whisper them with love when he sleeps.
His consciousness is dormant, and the subconscious will accept the message and overwork it. Return to top


In the pursuit of “everything that is important” escapes us most importantly – our femininity.
We dress work uniforms running to work. We do make-up quickly in a car or elevator to match your image with the standard of femininity.
We squeeze sweat in the gym, fleeing the thoughts of the interior, focusing on the outside.
What matters is what you see.
In the middle of us is a hormone factory. Each day is different in chemical terms – we change the ph, smell, even hair react to monthly jumps.

Each day is different for our body in terms of the blocks we fund.

We wear locks from childhood:
– not matured, bleeding,
– comments of father, brothers and uncles in connection with the changes taking place in the body
– unfortunately, physical contact from school colleagues, older men from the group of “public trust”
– mocking physical education lessons
– rejection by the father / excessive and suspect approval
– treating the mother as a rival and belittling femininity.

Along with growing up stressful situations there is even more:
– lack of / incorrect behavior patterns in contacts (feelings of submission towards – men, aggressive behavior, manipulation and acting games, etc.)
– first sexual contact, often forced and manipulated by men’s promises (well, the masters are also ruled by hormones)
– rape after alcohol and other drugs, when the conscious memory did not register much, because it was cut off. The subconscious and the body have unfortunately accumulated a great deal of energy.
What is happening in our adult relationship with men also has a huge impact on the state of our female health:
– a partner hiding his sexual preferences before marriage, after marrying he requires things that the woman does not have in her consent (deviations, sadism, etc.)
– partner using sex to punish and manipulate a woman,
– a partner belittling femininity to raise his sense of worth.
– if a woman is a controlling person, when it comes to rapprochement not at the time / place that you decide about, the body may take it as a rape.

It would seem to be small things, not very significant situations but they are just building us flow or blocking energy in this topic.

If, right after the traumatic event, we do not bend over the subject, our body begins to work to deal with it as it does best.
We are tying – wanting to hide femininity.
Let’s lose weight – wanting to punish ourselves, that such an event took place or that we are women.
The inflammatory organs of the reproductive organs appear.

And what now?

As I always say, start conventionally – a doctor and a diagnosis. It is worth to lean over your body and its energy and come to the source of the problem. Thank the body and the subconscious that they are visualizing and resolving the conflict, rather than treating themselves as a sick person.

In case of inflammation, it is usually a conflict in the body that occurs up to 3 months after the event. It is worth looking for answers in the body regardless of conventional therapy. Otherwise inflammation of the vagina, ovaries, and appendages will come back. The doctor will save more antibiotics with care. We will give up swimming pools and saunas, fearing a second infection. Yes, of course there are bacteria and it’s very easy to get infected. If there is no conflict and blockage in this topic – no infection occurs. When we take an antibiotic, it is recommended that there be no physical contact, so the body feels safe, calms down and the symptoms disappear.

I had a patient who, after betraying her husband, blocked her sexuality (she heard that the reason for her betrayal was her alleged unattractiveness) that for 10 years of later life together she had vaginitis still! Notoriously! She has already appeared IV vaginal cleanliness. It happened that she divorced this man, she came to me for therapy – we went through the breakup, the betrayal and its consequences appeared and … miraculously healed – without medicines.

Women after divorce often lose weight without additional efforts, because they no longer have to occupy a lot of space in the home, so that the husband can see them.
Each of us subconsciously wants to be attractive, have a satisfying sex life.
Cleaning a trauma from the past is a complex process but it can be done with the help of a therapist.
However, it is always good to start with yourself and forgiveness.
What happens when we do not give ourselves enough attention in this topic – cancer can occur with all the consequences.

Women, you have the right to be yourself! – regardless of weight, age, skin color and other factors.
Look at yourself with favorable eyes, full of love for beauty and subtlety that is hidden in you.
Let the flower of your femininity flourish.
Talk to yourself fondly.
Learn yourself, your corporeality, your feelings.
When you feel full of yourself, fear and uncertainty will disappear and you choose your partner, not limiting yourself to conventions.
By solving conflicts and removing blockages, we give ourselves the opportunity to live in health and full of femininity. Return to top


Everything is perfect when everything works in this topic. What if not?

Trouble in men’s topics happens at any age. Sometimes the disorder grows, sometimes it comes as a surprise – but it always surprises the man at the worst possible moment!

I am not a man but from the insight I have in this topic I see that every sexual act is like a small test. Will everything be at the right height? Will not fail. For men, a sexual act is such an intangible trophy.

I would love to make every man reading these words always work – how many happy people there would be in the world! In a relationship of two people, a successful sex life is the foundation from which the relationship begins to break up.

In all of this, honesty and conversation are needed – but this is the last topic the man wants to talk about.

And I’m not surprised. I understand that.

So how to deal with it?

Conventional doctor? Most of you do not allow such a thought.
What am I suggesting?

Above all, ANONYMOUS. But I expect honesty for it, for pain. Because only truth and honesty in the relationship of the mentor-therapist is able to find the real reason for disability and disorder.

What reasons can occur when a man is blocking erectile dysfunction:
– anger at the passing of time and that “everything that you wanted did not get done”. Although the frustration of everyday life has a huge impact on sex life. The man has the code of planting a tree, building a house, and begging a son. It is worth to lean on it and remove it, because it happens that erectile dysfunction occurs.

– lack of acceptance of your sexual preferences, hiding the needs and preferences resulting from the lack of communication with your partner / partner, is also a reason for erectile dysfunction. Often in such a situation there is so much resistance to change and honest conversation that the man attacks himself, because in his subconscious a bridge is made – I will not say that I like it differently because he will laugh at me, so I will get sick and will not have to. We deal with it!

– lack of acceptance in yourself, your own sexual orientation – fear of discovering this in front of your family often takes away the possibility of erection, even if you feel like it. We deal with this – we will not change the orientation, because it’s like eye color but we have ways to accept it. Everything is done with calmness and without pressure on the subject.

– no erection for no reason – a frequent disorder in young men – here the reason may be energy castration by mother or father. The father, to eliminate the potential male in the herd, treats the son like a child. His son’s vision usually stops around the boy’s 8-year-old, which is during the first night of the night. Mother castrated her son most often during her own life trauma (illness, divorce, job loss). This seems absurd, but mothers want to stop the development of my son so that he “never left me” to “do not hurt another woman when I was hurt” because “after all this is a sweet boy”, “son of mommy”

– lack of erection in mature men often appears together with … a lover. A little bored with the same woman looking for new incentives, and here … lime. Why – a sense of guilt, fear of revealing betrayal, fear of mocking or, worse, laughing for a young partner. I do not judge it and purify it.

– mega polygamy is a very complex phenomenon. First of all, a man with more than one partner has the idea that he is “loaded with young blood” – in terms of energy, the opposite is true. A disturbed balance causes blockages in the body. With even the best logistics, the equipment may someday be refused. Secondly, gentlemen … there is nothing more dangerous than a betrayed woman, and if you have more women … what an energy of anger and blood lust! Such are the curses that we clean in rubber gloves.

What reasons can occur when a man is blocked / sick

– anger at son, that “I do not want to prolong my family”, because I chose “not such a partner”, because it is a different orientation, because he made the decision that he does not want children – it happens sometimes that a prostate appears.

– blocking, which usually occurs around the age of 50, blockade leading to the prostate – lack of control over everything – children who are already independent, live their own lives (often contrary to expectations), his woman discovers the second youth since the nest is emptied and goes crazy, at work is no longer a young wolf … It can also be cleaned up.

– betrayal by a partner / partner – a thick subject leading to the mass of disorders, but we give advice.

What can I not solve?

On physical conditions – length, thickness, although they say that the unused organ is lost and the practitioner is growing.

I know this is a controversial topic and our approach to it is a bit avant-garde. It is what it is, it is important that we have the effects of therapy, and the man does not have to stuff with blue chemistry.
It is important to be honest with yourself, trust me and enjoy your masculinity.
You are wonderful men you are.

words in quotes are authentic


Acute penetrating pain located between the eyes. It breaks and does not let you think.

It is a disease that often resists treatment: next antibiotics are not effective, it ends with painful irrigation (sinus irrigation). All this is temporary and the disease can be troublesome for weeks.

So how to help yourself?

All inflammatory diseases in our body are suppressed anger for someone / for something.

And yet anger is needed for us to learn to express ourselves and our needs in a clear and transparent way. Sinusitis is a strong anger at the existing situation or the person accompanying us. We do not want or we can not feel this emotion for some reason, which is why we hide it deeply and deeply.

How to deal with it?

Analyze yourself calmly, whom or what is this anger about? Accept that everything can be solved by talking and just looking at it. It is worth learning to feel and accept all emotions. And treat anger as a hint. Use it as your support.

We answer only for their emotions, for their happiness and their experience in life. Each of us (even in the family) goes their own way and it is worth learning to distinguish their emotions from the emotions of others. Yes, to learn how to solve your emotions without charging others

What about children?

In autumn and winter, many children suffer from sinusitis. So it seems obvious that this is the consequence of the weather.

Well, no.

At the same time, your child returned to school after the holidays. Look at this. Is a child in the class space, the school feel safe? What is the contact with teachers, educator – can he tell them about his fears, feeling comfortable?

And at home? Do you ask for something more than standard: “what at school”?

Remember also that a small child (depending on the quality of the relationship) takes on the emotions of the parent.

How to practice?

It is often enough to realize the source of the problem – to say loud about your fear. It is also worth taking help. Many of us are also afraid of this, fearing dependence on someone.

People like to help, let them do it.

If you still have trouble with this topic, we invite you to take a course to get to know yourself and how to deal with your troubles. Return to top


In a woman, female energy wakes up here – the uterus, the ovaries … and hence it spreads throughout the body, awakening them to action.
Ovaries are responsible for creation and procreation – giving new life. If in our bodies there is blockage of energy in the ovaries, thoughts appear in us:
– Will I manage myself?
– I’m worse because I can not
– only with man I have the strength / I will realize / mean something …
– do not deserve child / this project / raise
– will I manage my child / project / life?

Perhaps you have a problem with starting independent projects and are working with a deadline?
It may also be that you subconsciously vindicate men aggressively showing them what you can afford. Fear of judgment as “weaker sex”

Do you know that if you have low self-esteem, you may have trouble with menstruation?

Listen to yourself. Do you use similar phrases?
If so, it’s time to act!
Blockade “caught” at an early stage gives us the opportunity to dissolve it before the disease develops (pain, inflammation of the ovary and / or both cancer and removal), and our subconscious will react with autoaggression.

How to put it all together and not be crazy?
First of all, realize that the ovaries are the mirror image of the testicles. For development, creation and procreation, both energy is needed – feminine and masculine. It is worth accepting this state and giving up the gender war.
Male energy lifting up her woman. Then we do not need to accept male behaviors and traits – we can feel and behave like women.
Trusting ourselves and the men, we develop harmony.

So what about the ovaries?
When we realize the state of threat, we would be worth it
– they stood in truth,
– answered why we hate men (what did we get from the male line of the family? What happened in our childhood? What did women in our family bring?)
– they forgave and let out anger

if we are in a relationship rejected by a man and this causes disorders in the work of the ovaries – maybe it is worth taking care of yourself and leave? A drastic solution, but in the light of conducted therapies, effective. Return to top