Death and love

WARNING, a controversial approach to the topic

We are born and die. This has always been happening and will continue to happen.
We are born and have a certain number of years, days and hours.
We are born with the awareness that we will die – it is fiction to run away from it.
However, we are coded by religion that at the end of the road is hellish fire and punishment for sins.

And I say it is different!
At the end of conscious life is to transfer the energy of this body to a higher dimension. It happens that we call it “back home”. I feel it that way. As a return home, where peace and rest await me.

There we also decide with what lessons we go down to Earth in the next life – which body we choose, help us to carry out the lessons we choose parents, partners …
We descend to Earth and carry out this plan further.
There is no place for purgatory, hell and heaven. It is a tale sold to us by those who had to have tools of fear to manipulate the crowd.

God / Light / Ty give this name a love, do not expect victims or give penalties.

The greatest gift of love is freedom and consent to self-determination.
People so much enslave their partners, become addicted to them, that in their consciousness they have no idea that they could live separately!

But is it love or slavery?

We lived before we met this man before he appeared in our lives.
The most common reason for such slavish treatment of the partner / child / parent is what this person gives us, what fills our space, how we feel in her company and because of her role in our lives. So we create a prosthesis on which we can resist in a moment of weakness.

If we love, we accept the fact that this person can go away just as much as he can stay.
There is fear and we will fill the hole. If we were full of ourselves before this person appeared in our lives there will be no hole. Thus, 100% of the man met the second 100%, not half, half. If we were a half, what are our vital functions lacking without the other half?

This is the code.

If we remove this code, then …

Love begins to be fuller, more interesting. Love does not disappear if the other person goes away, we can love when someone is 10 cm from us, 1000 km or in another dimension.
If it is different and, for example, there is betrayal in the relationship “for an important reason”, it means that such a person did not love us, but wanted to own us on their own terms. When these conditions were not met, there were “important reasons” to look for corporeality elsewhere.

What happens if a disease occurs?

My last experience:
I have been looking after a sick person for a long time, there was very limited contact with him. And yet, I was able to get information that his soul realized his plan, his task and he wants to leave now. The soul stood ready, and the family held the body, “because we will live without it.”
WE! None of them asked themselves what needs this man has – does he still want to be here ?!
Did not want to.

Love knows no boundaries or time. In his purity he is above death and over life.

Please, do not force anyone to love you – give him free will.
This is beautifully described by the quote:
“If you love something, let it go. When he comes back to you, he is yours. If not, you’ve never been. “

Antoine de Saint-Exupéry Little Prince

By loving you I give you freedom and the right to choose to stay and leave
Catherine Hojan

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