Purity Course - First level

Zaczynamy 23 Września 2019!

Logo of the course on bioenergotherapy and self-awareness of Purity of Energy

The Purity Level One course is the first step towards understanding yourself and the outside world through the prism of working with energy, self-awareness and the responsibility of your own choices.

Presentation showing the possibilities of a course for bioenergotherapy and self-awareness based on Katarzyna Hojan's method

The Purity course was prepared on the basis of Katarzyna Hojan’s long-term practice as a therapist, teacher and man.

And she personally conducts this self-awareness course.

Catherine, using simple words of a simple language, teaches us how the laws of the universe work. How to find the way to yourself and the other person. How to make contact with your intuition and enjoy the benefits of this knowledge in everyday life.

Every contact with her is working on her high vibrations, which lift a man from his knees and open access to energy, knowledge and self-awareness.

What is so different in the courses I run?

These are courses I N D E P E N D EN C E.

Independence in a wide range, in many aspects:

– independent decision making

– independent decision about your life

– independent use of your energy

– being independent of the world and other people

The motto of the course is a sentence containing everything:

All answers are in You.

All the answers are in You, the questions already asked and those not yet asked.

In You is the Particle of the Divine, the Crystal of eternal Light, the Divine Ray, God’s Spark, the Source of Wisdom and the Ocean of Love.

When you realize this, you can take your whole life in your own arms. Cultivate them and create them every day, most beautifully, for themselves, with the enormity of luminous love.

However, before this happens …

On the course I teach you to L O V E  Y O U R S E L F – many of us have been traumatized on their way to the present day, there is DDA, it is being harassed, after being rejected by parents. This generates huge amounts of sadness and rejection of yourself. Autoaggression manifested by Soul diseases (depression, addiction) and body (obesity, autoimmune diseases).

It is a demanding path, but looking at the effects of people who have passed it full of adventures, joy and ending with a laurel of the victory of love over fears.

It happens that in this course someone for the first time hears: I love you.

There are tears of happiness, delight and amazement.

I teach you how to A C T and see the miracles resulting from learning how powerful your conscious thoughts and actions are.

YOU just have the keys to your Soul and heart.

I will only teach you how to open the lock and the door to yourself, and then the miracles will start happening. I am showing you that you are the creator of M I RA C L E.

A man in search of oneself looks for answers outside. He asks God, angels, one looks for signs in heaven and earth. One forgets that all the things one is looking for in oneself.

All divinity is accumulated in ourselves. All you have to do is stop for a moment and listen to yourself. You’ll talk to me honestly.

You will be in Y O U R  O W N  T R U T H.

You will allow to hear Soul / Intuition and Heart. I am leading you to understand the basic laws of E N E R G Y and give you T O O L S so you can see these mechanisms and unlimited work with them. Knowing how it works you will be able to choose your own way of development.

When I look at how my students and students are developing and going further, my heart grows with pride.

Independence, strength in itself develops when a person is filled with love for himself. No addictions from anyone or anything. And this is the goal, the way and hope – life in your own love.

Thanks to this, you make conscious choices when it comes to partnering, working, raising children.

I’m with you all the time. I support knowledge, in words, E N E R G Y, love. I put my heart into my heart and put it on my feet so that you could live my life best, most beautifully.

I am honest and I say if I see that you are cheating yourself – it gives you the opportunity to decide whether you want to live in your truth or in glued fiction. I accept your decisions.

This can not be described in words, it is worth to feel this change in yourself.

This also guarantees that the course is unique.

Even if someone copies words, there will be no energy and intentions of Catherine in it.

The Purity course is dedicated to:

  • to everyone who is looking for
  • to anyone who lost … the meaning of life, silence, oneself …
  • to everyone who has found and wants to systematize it
  • teachers who want to get out of this role for a while and experience the unique one. Find inspiration and a hint for yourself and your practice.
  • You have lost your purpose in life and you feel that you only work for making money …
  • You stayed in an empty house because the children moved out.
  • All relationships are falling apart and you are looking for a partner.
  • You have the impression that the world has forgotten about you and everyone cheats you …
  • You feel inner sadness and you do not know where it comes from.
  • You feel that something is missing in life, and you do not know what it is.
  • You feel that something is wrong, although everyone around you can not see anything
  • You have already done a lot of courses and you are still looking for yourself.
  • You feel that everything is pointless …

The course is for selected people and we trust the Source Energy that will bring to us only those who will benefit for their highest good.

Listen to the statements of the course participants:

and read about the course in reviews from participants and participants:

Uczestniczka kursu bioenergoterapii opowiada swoje wrażenia z rozwoju samoświadomości i duchowości

Once I wrote "Lost in space, I'm leaving in uncertainty" today I say loudly "Found in space, I come with Love"

And when I woke up today, I got the message "it's time". So I will describe how my life has changed. I met Kasia when the time showed "the student found a teacher". I had many teachers in my life, all of them gave me lessons that I did, sometimes better and sometimes worse. I came to Kasia for a therapeutic session, then for the Course. She cleansed my lineage, cleansed my field. Already on the same day I felt the peace of my soul. I have seen and seen the effects of working with Kasia from day to day. Fear stopped, fear. Before meeting Kasia, I was afraid of everything, literally! I could say, I was afraid to live. Fear for the family, for the fact that I will be left alone, I can not make it, for finances, constant seeking for acceptance of others, blaming fate for a hard life ....

Today it is gone. Before I got to know Kasia, I was dealing with Energy, but after the session, the flow of this Energy became more intense, more palpable, faster (through thought). My dreams, intuitive feelings, readings from the Cards, became clear. From yesterday, I started getting "postcards" with messages. Under the care of Kasia, I have transformed the lessons that I have hidden somewhere, instead of re-doing them.
I understood that I could live as a free man without the pressure of the surroundings. I understood that I have strength, and not the environment I give it to me. Nothing bad will happen if I do not give myself permission. I gave up anger and anger at everything that happened to me, turned the definition of the problem into a task to change in my life, lessons that are supposed to make me aware and help change for the better. Today is only Peace, Joy and Love. Thank you Kasia, with Love. Eve

I heartily encourage you, I recommend. The course with Katarzyna is a new discovery of herself, Soul. It is the teaching of unconditional Love to each other, everyone and everything around us. It is the teaching of giving and taking in equal proportions. Learning balance in life, respect for yourself and others. Learning to overcome difficulties. The time of the course is the time spent under Catherine's care in incredible energy vibrations. Time to find yourself. With love

Eva about the course

Ania opisuje swoją sytuację po kursie bioenergoterapii i samoświadomości prowadzonego przez Katarzynę Hojan

Beloved, I would like to share with you my feelings after taking the course under the care and running of Katarzyna Purity of Energy at the first level.

Before the course, my feelings swirled at a dizzying pace, the excitement was amazing. And it was real. The course turned out to be an exciting experience. The eight weeks spent under Catherine's care and conduct are a time of radical change.

Changes in yourself, changes in the perception of the surroundings and everything and everyone around you. It's time to work on yourself. Working time on very high vibrations, the feeling of which is an amazing experience. It's a time to learn to love yourself. Time to see yourself and learn to shape your life with love for the highest good. Learning to listen to your soul, her desires and her instructions. Learning to talk with Soul.

Kasia on the course indicated the way, cleared the blockades, taught herself how to clear the blocks, fears, guided, raised - when I fell, she led to the Source. I am grateful for you. I found Kasia, you are a unique person, a wonderful teacher, you turned on what helped me, I feel as if I was a completely different person. in my time without coercion, with love, the whole process of transformation showed me a completely different picture, a different self, different surroundings.

I am completely different to you than before I met you. This feeling that has come to me is a gift to me, something special and wonderful. You say to Kasia, "you know how to cry me out of happiness", not Kasia, I am crying, with happiness. My soul purified of the curse has become free! I could not break through her alone, and you took her practically at the moment. I feel more, I see more, I can do more. Admittedly, he feels a little like a small child who knows the world anew and has a thousand questions to ... and what is it? what for? but why?

I know, I get to know the world again. A world without barriers and restrictions, a world full of

Alice about the course

Joanna uczestniczłya w kursie bioenergoterapii pierwszego stopnia

As a participant approaching the end of the course, I honestly recommend it. Not only because I learned a lot, but above all because it takes place under the care of the amazing healinger Katarzyna. For 8 weeks, thanks to her on amazing vibrations. Katarzyna, with love and patience, teaches us and gives us tools for personal spiritual development. I personally chilled every word of Kasia, and although for a long time I did not do my homework properly, I felt a change in the middle of the course. The energy itself, this Catherine's energy and its methods of conducting this seminar made me RUSH.

Joanna about the course

Uczestniczka kurs bioenergoterapii pierwszego stopnia opisuje swoje wrażenia po kursie i jej stan samoświadomości

The Purity of Energy course completely changed my way of perceiving myself. Thanks to Katarzyna, I learned that happiness is really a matter of my choice and I decide whether I will be happy or not in life. I have heard these words many times before in numerous workshops that I have been going for a good couple of years, and I have read them many times in various books. Nevertheless, the true meaning of these words came to me only when Katherine uttered it. I think that's because Catherine does not just say to us and to our souls. That is why everything that she gave us on the course was so transformative, purifying and important.

During the course I also learned to take responsibility for my life. After years of participating in various workshops and courses, I became dependent on them and I placed my responsibility for my life, happiness and well-being in the hands of various teachers or shamans. I believed that they know better what is good for me and I consulted with each major life decision. At the same time, I gradually lost contact with myself, with my soul, heart and body, and thus with myself. Thanks to Katarzyna, I regained my freedom and my own strength, I learned to communicate with myself, my soul and body, and taking responsibility for my life back into my own hands meant that after many years I felt strong again. During the eight weeks of the course I got a lot of information from myself, and it's only because I finally started to listen to myself, because as Katarzyna told us every day, all the answers are in us. Not in the outside world, not in spiritual teachers or shamans. They are all in our hearts and are waiting for us to turn to each other.

I wholeheartedly recommend Catherine's course, it is an amazing journey through the meanders of my soul and constant discovering myself, often full of surprises. The course is also a number of tools for your own work, which Katarzyna shared with us, her wonderful meditations and loving us, making us change so that we feel that we ourselves do the work on ourselves, and not only we are the beneficiaries of her actions. Catherine's course is hard work on yourself, often difficult but always extremely satisfying and releasing.

Thank you with all my heart!

Anna about the course

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