The silver shield of the Moon is fully shining for the second time this month. This phenomenon is called the Blue fullness and is very unusual.
The more so because recently, in January 2018 we were already fortunate to enjoy it.

What to remember:
The energy works fully three nights before full moon, full moon and three nights after full moon.
So we have a lot of time available.

It is worth taking out your crystals and stones to bathe and clean them in the moonlight.
Ask the moon for help with words full of gratitude.

Write what you want to clean up on a piece of paper. What’s blocking you. What are you afraid of? What are you dreaming about?
Burn this piece of paper and scatter it in the wind.

Today I’ve done a ritual of cleansing in the sea for myself.
I dressed in white.
I prepared a white candle and favorite incense. Earlier, I got a beautiful, white shell from this sea, so I put the herbs on the shells.
I greeted the sea with a candle.
I leaned my head thanking the Sun for a good time in my life. For light and warmth.
When the sun set, I fired the herbs. Three times I made a circle around me, on every side of the world, thanking for love in my heart, support and protection, guidance and wisdom.
I left the herbs on the shore, the smoke lay on the surface of the sea dancing with the waves.
I went into the water, I greeted the waking moon.
I lay on the water, trusting her completely. The body swayed gently on the waves. I felt so secure wrapped around me. When you trust the water and surrender to it, the body does not resist the rhythm of the waves and the salt water does not flood your eyes and nose. Just lie down freely, breathe belly and trust …
I combined the words Heaven and Earth.
I combined the fire of my heart with the water of the sea.
I connected the wind with silence.
The words flow by themselves
I gave everything to everything that blocked and enslaved me.
I asked to lead in life and help others.
With love <3

Each of us can perform such a ritual for ourselves.
If you do not have a warm ocean near it, let it be a bathtub.
Then add salt with a blue color to the water.
Salt has a great purifying power, and blue … is like today’s fullness <3
Light candles.
Stay in silence. He hears more in silence.
Maybe after the ritual you will “hear” an important message directly from your Soul.

When writing and saying intentions, make sure they are clean and only apply to you.
For whatever you give back to you three times.

with love for you



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