Akashic Chronicles

This is a record of everything that is, what was and what will be (what can be, because by making a choice today, man influences what tomorrow will bring him …) in the field of unconditional love.

The word AKÁSHA is most likely derived from the word (ĀKĀŚA), an ancient language meaning “ÉTER”. An intangible, subtle essence penetrating the entire universe.

In the Chronicles you can ask for everything: about work, relationship, purpose of your life.

The Masters and Teachers Chronicles show what a person has to see, what is important to her, how to heal the family’s energy, clean the blockades and knots, stopping a man in his path.

They also help to deeply understand old jumper, difficult situations, relationships, etc.

Reading from the Akashic Chronicles is more than just a list of answers and tips. The Chronicles flow pure unconditional love and Light that fill us during reading.

It is a beautiful way to get to know yourself.