About Us

We are healers. We help people energetically. We carry out energy treatments aimed at healing the soul and the human body.

Katarzyna Hojan is the main bioenergotherapist of Pure Soul and Pure biotherapy deals with removing curses and removing charms

Katarzyna Hojan

Main Pure Therapist

The creator of Pure processes: Pure Soul, Pure Art, Pure Base, Pure Akash.

Master Reiki, teacher of Vedic Art, hypnotist, author of motivational texts. A painter and author of spatial forms – messages from the subconscious.

Every day he works with the Field of the Soul and the Subtle Body; with soul and family lines, Akashic Chronicles, to help get rid of injuries, disorders and addictions.

Konrad Hojan is involved in bioenergy therapy and Pure biotherapy

Konrad Hojan

Pure Base therapist
Readings from Soul

Reiki practitioner, therapist, professional and passionate filmmaker, photographer, author of spatial forms of masses and wood.

Biotherapist Małgorzata Bała dealing with Pure Art biotherapies that restore charms and remove curses

Małgorzata Bała

Pure Art therapist
Akashic Chronicles reader

Biotherapist Aleksandra Waluśkiewicz dealing with biotherapies of Akashic Chronicles and Pure biotherapies curbing the curses

Aleksandra Waluśkiewicz

Pure Akasha therapist
Akashic Chronicles reader
Pure Base therapist

Joanna Jakusik is a healer and Pure Base bioenergotherapist

Joanna Jakusik

Pure Base therapist