Pure Therapy

Pure therapies are the first step to understand yourself and the outer world through the prism of working with energy.

We are here to help

We help people with various problems, traumas, disorders and problems over time and space.

We heal the body

In our opinion, the disease is a set of blockages, fears and neglect in the energy structures of a man reflecting in his body.

We heal the soul

Wounds in the body and psyche of a human are reflected in the soul. We invite her to its rightful place in the human body.

We paint the energy

We perceive the energy of the human soul and we can pour it in the form of a painting on canvas. 
We read from the soul.

What we do?

If you’re interested in what we do and how it looks, then watch a video that will show you what we do.

Pure Therapy

Pure therapies is a unique and innovative form of healing using energy, initiated by Katarzyna Hojan.

The basic therapy is Pure Soul, which is the most powerful form of healing.

Catherine in this form of therapy purifies the soul, revives the charms thrown by third parties, removes generational curses, cleans birth lines, heals the soul and body of man from failures.

This form of therapy purifies the bioenergy field of man in the past and present, which has a huge impact on the future.

He uses special tools, energy and vibrations of his own voice. During the therapy, man fills with light and love to restore the body’s natural behavior and man can function independently in health and happiness. You can read about the details of the therapy here.

Pure Art therapy is a combination of art therapy as a carrier of information for the future in the form of a picture as the final stage of therapy. The therapist in personal contact with a man works in the field: heals states of anxiety, auto-aggressive diseases, depressive states, low self-esteem, impaired self-perception in dealing with people (the role of the victim, the role of the maid, role of executioner).

The therapist cleanses the traumatic experiences of childhood, heals and cleanses feelings after rapes and assaults.

Helps in finding love, friendship, contact with parents and contact with children. You can read more about the therapy here.

Pure Akasha is a combination of reading Akashic Chronicles with family line healing and in-depth cleaning.

The therapist, being in the Chronicles, can ask about everything: about work, relationship, purpose of his life. Chronicles are a great carrier of information – Masters and Teacher Chronicles show what a person has to see what is important to her. They help to understand old patterns, difficult situations, relationships. It should be remembered, however, that it is only opening the book without the possibility of healing and purification.

We combined the Chronicles with Pure Base therapy, which means that during the session, in addition to messages and answers to questions, we remove blockages that do not support conviction. We clean family lines and everything that made your conscious life in happiness and health difficult. You can learn more about the therapy here.

Pure Base therapy is the opening to the energy field of the man with whom we work. Here we see everything that concerns the body and soul.

It’s a therapy based on work in contact with your soul. For here all the answers concerning you are hidden. By asking a maximum of five questions, the therapist diagnoses the source of pain, problem and anxiety. Then he goes to the field purification.
This therapy, in its delicacy, perfectly solves emotional, physical and somatic problems.

Pure Sound is a sound vibration treatment. This therapy is performed using a special Hang instrument (Handpan).

The instrument is tuned to one of the natural 432Hz solfeggio frequencies. Healing consists in introducing harmony into the body and soul, raising the vibrations of the body and opening up to the subtlety of the received energy stimuli.

Pure courses, during which our students learn to work with energy, get to know each other and make contact with their soul – all in order to increase self-awareness, become an independent man, knowing their body and able to heal them. During the courses, the students pass through the Pure initiation and obtain the tools for self-therapy.
At the last level, after passing the exam, they become Pure Base therapists.

Know Us better

Each therapist has a story to tell

Katarzyna Hojan is the main bioenergotherapist of Pure Soul and Pure biotherapy deals with removing curses and removing charms

Katarzyna Hojan

Main Pure Therapist

Konrad Hojan is involved in bioenergy therapy and Pure biotherapy

Konrad Hojan

Pure therapist
Readings from the Soul

Biotherapist Małgorzata Bała dealing with Pure Art biotherapies that restore charms and remove curses

Małgorzata Bała

Pure Art therapist
Acashic Chronicles reader

Biotherapist Aleksandra Waluśkiewicz dealing with biotherapies of Akashic Chronicles and Pure biotherapies curbing the curses

Aleksandra Waluśkiewicz

Pure Akashic therapist
Acashic Chroniles reader
Pure Base therapist

Joanna Jakusik is a healer and Pure Base bioenergotherapist

Joanna Jakusik

Pure Base therapist

What participants write about our therapies

Real stories written by people who participated in Pure therapies.

Kobieta opisuje swoje odczucia związane z bioterapeutką Katarzyną Hojan i jej bioenergoterapii Pure Soul

A great and amazing person. He has this power ... he would like to sing. Kasia is simply divine, warm, energetic, she says things are obvious, but if Kasia tells them, it is known that if we listen to it, it will be as it says. Until you want to act ...

Trzydziestodwuletnia kobieta wypowiada się na temat bioenergoterapii Katarzyny Hojan i zaufania jakim ją obdarzyła

Kasia is a remedy for all evil. He will help, advise and give a great dose of love and understanding. Thank you for being, dear

Piękna kobieta opisuje współpracę z bioenergoterapeutką Katarzyną Hojan i jej bioterapią Pure Art

Kasia is Love and Light. A warm, loving Being who knows how to heal various problems of the soul and body. I recommend from the heart. She is smart, good and effective.


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If you want to share it with the world – share it, people like inspiration. <3 Let them Light <3 #purityofenergy #katarzynahojan #samorozwój #samoświadomość #purityofenergy #pureart #conradhoyan #catherinehoyan #process #change #purification #energy #meditation #love…

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